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Improves elasticity + delivers a visible lifting effect.

Veil Peptide Firming Tonic

What it is

Utilising the powerful anti-aging benefits of Tri-peptide and amino acid, cell communication technology, this firming gel toner offers an impressive standard of skin rejuvenation. The peptides and amino acids complex are combined with the age defying benefits of Hyaluronic Acid plus soothing and calming botanicals to strengthen and rebuild the skin from the inside, protecting and repairing weak collagen stores while dissolving dead skin cell build-up with every application. The result is a more youthful looking complexion.

What it Does

  • Peptide Complex supports healthy collagen and elastin formulation, while boosting skin tone luminosity and texture. Their powerful concentration penetrates fast, ensuring full efficacy.
  • Organic botanical oils including Jojoba, Rosehip and Rosemary improve the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and sun exposure associated dark spots.
  • Humectant Hyaluronic Acid draws hydration to the surface, like a generous drink of water for your skin.

Recommended For

All skin types — especially age compromised skin with loss of elasticity and appearance of fine lines

Loved for

Protecting and enforcing the skin’s natural moisture barrier and PH balance, it works equally well as both a standalone toner and mist. as Its scent is an energising orange citrus blend.

Why you need it

With continued use, skin appears firmer, smoother, and more lifted.

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Real, Proven Results

In-house consumer efficacy study with 30 participants (aged 40-55) using Freya + Bailey Veil Peptide Firming Tonic twice daily for 30 days.

Up to 97%

agreed the product minimised the appearance of expression lines on my face
Up to 96%
agreed the product left my skin looking and feeling deeply hydrated and visibly plumper
Up to 97 %
agreed it left skin feeling softer and smoother
Up to 94%
agreed agreed the product improved the feeling and appearance of skin firmness and elasticity.

How to use

Use in the AM and PM or when needed. 1. Cleanse your face, then saturate a cotton pad with the Veil Tonic and sweep across face, neck and décolletage (avoiding the eye area). 2 Follow with a serum or moisturiser.
Pro Tip
 If you’ve noticed tiny lines starting to crop up, they might not be wrinkles. “They could be ‘drinkles’, which are tiny wrinkles caused by dehydration. This skin condition is easily rectified with moisture-boosting ingredients found in our Veil Petide Tonic such as hyaluronic acid and glycerine, which have humectant abilities, allowing them to bind to water and retain it within the skin.

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A gentle blend of plant oils makes this creamy cleanser a treat for dry, tight and aging skin. It'll gently remove impurities without raising redness, and leaves delicate skin feeling refreshed without a hint of tightness. It uses Coffea Arabica extracts alongside humectant glycerine and collagen-boosting antioxidant Coenzyme Q10 to


What are Peptides?

Peptides are amino acids, which are our building blocks for building proteins The short-chain amino acids are small enough to permeate the skin cells and help with growth and repair of the skin.

What are the benefits of Peptides in your Veil Peptide Firming Tonic?

We have utilised the potency of three peptides,- in a complex  that works to help your skin make more collagen and elastin, which helps with signs of aging while also helping restore the skin barrier. These signal peptides are adept at cell communication, alerting skin to the need for greater production of collagen. Collagen keeps skin smooth (think: reduced lines and wrinkles), and  our clinical studies show that  when applied topically, collagen-like peptides can have an “anti-wrinkle effect” — easily penetrating the skin and decreasing both the depth and length of wrinkles.

What are the uses of a Toner?

Toners can also be used after a mask to refine and tone skin while removing any last traces too. In the summer, a toner can help to freshen and balance skin. We love the idea of keeping your toner in the fridge when the weather is hot for an extra cooling and skin hydrating refresh.



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