Hello beautiful you

Hello beautiful you

At Freya + Bailey we believe that true beauty never fades. As we live, as we age, we grow into a deeper kind of beauty; it shows through the eyes, and the confident way one moves through life. A beauty that works its way from the inside out.

That’s why we make gorgeous, science driven, effective, spa quality treatments that help to manage the damaging impact of stress and environment on your skin to protect and improve your skin-health. The beauty bit, well, you’ve already got that.

Research shows that environmental and lifestyle stress is the key to so many of our skincare issues. Whatever your age or skin type, environmental aggressors are the daily constant that damages our skin’s precious barrier and prevents skin from functioning and looking at its best. 

Freya + Bailey’s topicals skincare range helps you sustain and build stronger, more resilient, more healthy-looking skin. We go beyond the surface of the skin, taking a more therapeutic approach to formulations with aromatic blends to calm, destress and energise, to deliver inner and outer well-being. Skin care meets Self-care. 

Our super-natural, clinically tested ingredients work with your skin’s own chemistry.

Natural working with nature. For better skin equilibrium. 


Our Founder;

Abbie's Story

My story is every woman’s story:

Striving to live up to the notion of superwoman: mother to two young children, wife and life partner to a wonderful but busy man, ambitious professional with a heavy travel itinerary, home maker, daughter, sister, friend...me. I came last too often, so often, I forgot how to look after myself. I mean really look after myself. I got lost in doing, in being; with no time to reflect upon what makes me happy? What are my gifts? Am I using them? Is this my true path? I had let responsibilities guide me, rather than my hopes and dreams and needs.

I was on a treadmill, and I didn’t know how to step off. It began, as it must, to take a toll. On my wellbeing, on my health, and especially on my skin.

Looking back, it’s funny how the external signs of being out-of-sorts with yourself prompted the need and desire to change everything. There’s a saying, ‘sometimes the body cries the tears the mind cannot’. My body, my skin was telling me something. Eventually I listened. And then I went about learning.

Learning about skin health; how eighty percent of skin damage/ issues is due to the environment and the way we are living, the way we are feeling, only 20% of skin problems and damage is connected to your genes. I realised I can do something about it.

I changed my diet, my skin-care products, my skin-care regimen, and eventually my job...I had found not only a new equilibrium to how I lived and looked after myself, but also my gift, my path: creating a range of natural, vegan, skin-care treatments that work to [protect] reduce the negative  lifestyle and environmental impact on skin and help give you resilient, more healthy skin.

Hello beautiful you

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