Introducing Freya + Bailey - your Skin’s New Best Friend

The treadmill of modern life means brains and bodies are always ‘on’. Stress not only manifests itself as feelings of anxiety or low mood and insomnia, but it can also show up on our skin. Our founder Abbie Oguntade learnt first-hand the impact of stress on the skin.

“I had a fantastic but full-on job that involved a lot of pressure and a lot of travel. I was busy ticking those life boxes— career, house, family—but the stress was immense. On paper, I was living the dream, but suddenly, I developed stress-related acne. I was mortified. Having problem skin forced me to re-evaluate my life. It made me realise the treadmill of modern living does manifests itself on our skin and our skin is not just about age, gender, tone or type it is about the convergence of health, beauty, and wellbeing the heart of Freya + Bailey Skincare.

I launched Freya + Bailey Natural Skincare as I am passionate to share what I’ve learnt in my own skincare journey. I cannot tell you the joy I feel when a customer reaches out to me to share their own Freya + Bailey journey for healthier, smoother and better skin. One size doesn’t always fit all. Skincare is personal. Find your routine with Freya + Bailey.


P.S Why the name? Like a good friend you should trust your skincare, it should be there for you for the ups and downs in life and for whatever destiny throws at you. Freya + Bailey ? They're the two best friends who are actually mine!