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Invigorates skin's appearance, restoring luminosity.

Awake - Fruit Enzyme Glow Cleanser

What it is

Enriched with VITAGLOWDA Brightening Complex and plant extracts to promote cell oxygenation, re-energise the skin and revive a dull complexion. This creamy sweetly scented cleanser is comfortingly reviving and enveloping, while smoothing the appearance of skin texture and pores. Working hard to buff away dead skin and brighten your complexion, the intensely invigorating mix promotes fresh new skin cell production.

What it Does

  • A grapefruit, avocado, and coconut enzyme combination gently resurfaces skin, comfortingly cleansing and boosting radiance without astringency.
  • Niacinamide (one of two forms of vitamin B3) brightens and tightens skin, minimising the appearance of pores and reducing the look of, fine lines.
  • Smoothing vitamin C ester is significantly brightening and skin awakening.

Recommended For

All skin types – especially those looking for a nourishing solution to cleanse and brighten skin. pH: 4.4 - 5.5

Loved for

Improving dull and uneven skin with all important elasticity boosted too. Plus, the base scent blend of lavender and Madagascar vanilla is a calming bonus.



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Real, Proven Results

In-house consumer efficacy study with 30 participants (aged 25-40) using Freya + Bailey Awake Fruit Enzyme Glow Cleanser twice daily for 30 days.

Up to 95%

noted it helped to effectively remove daily impurities from skin 
Up to 94%
noted it helped to reduce excess sebum and grime from the skin 
Up to 97%
noted it left skin feeling softer and smoother
Up to 90%
noted it left skin looking cleansed and revitalised


How to use

1. Apply one or two pumps directly to dry skin. 2. Gently massage on to face. 3. Add water and continue massaging for 60- 90 seconds. 4. Rinse well and pat dry with a face cloth.
Pro tip: 
While working out is great for your skin, body, and mind, lingering sweat is not. Washing your face immediately after you exercise removes oil, sweat, and bacteria rather than allowing it to sit on your skin, where it can clog pores and cause breakouts. While you may be tempted to wait until you shower, wash your face as soon as you can after your workout to prevent this buildup. 

Complete your routine

Awake - Fruit Enzyme Glow Cleanser - Freya + Bailey Skincare
Awake - Fruit Enzyme Glow Cleanser - Freya + Bailey Skincare

Awake - Fruit Enzyme Glow Cleanser

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As Featured In

THE BEST 20 CLEANSERS OF THE YEAR FOR SKIN GLOW. Use this if you sre partial to the look of skin radiance, clarity and healthy looking " We gotta have it!



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What does a Cleanser do to your face?

A cleanser’s primary job is to remove dirt, excess oil, bacteria and makeup from skin. Above and beyond that, our cleansers are formulated to provide other benefits to skin, from soothing dry skin to reducing breakouts, enhancing radiance and firming skin.

How often should you Cleanse?

We recommend washing your face twice a day, in the morning and at night. If you went to bed with a clean face, you might wonder if it’s truly necessary to wash your face in the morning. Cleansing in the morning helps wash away any stray dirt or bacteria that may have migrated from your nose, mouth or hair onto your skin by way of your pillow while sleeping. It’s also a good idea to wash your face after excessive sweating, like an intense session at the gym.

How do Fruit Enzymes Benefit my Cleansing Routine?

Fruit enzymes offer gentle exfoliation to the skin for a natural glow. As an ideal exfoliant for skin in need of glow, enzymes gently resurface skin to provide a smooth, radiant complexion. Our AWAKE FRUIT ENYME GLOW CLEANSER with Fruit Enzymes helps  break down the keratin protein from the outer layer of the skin, which bond dead skin cells together. Combined with plant oils  to nourish -  you can relish  an even toned radiance you'll love.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Heather Morrison

I have tried so many types of skincare from basic to outrageously expensive. This is by far the best. I have skin that is prone to redness and these products are the only ones that work. My skin always looks nourished and healthy now. Very highly recommend.

Dream Cleaner

My skin has never felt so smooth and radiant. Oh, and did I mention the smell… absolutely dreamy! 100% recommend <3

Amanda Evans
Amazing products

I agree 100% with the other reviewers - these products are so gorgeous and so lovely to use it simply is not a chore to have a cleansing regimen, it becomes a pleasure. Very therapeutic and relaxing as well as the products being so good for the skin. The brush is fantastic - so soft and well designed (fits in the hand so well) I love cleaning my face now! I am so glad I found Freya and Bailey, I love all the products I have bought so far. Extremely well formulated and smell so good. I won't be going elsewhere for my skincare EVER. Oh yes, and great customer service too...

This is a gentle but effective cleanser

I love this cleanser. It's super gentle and creamy. Doesn't feel like it attacks my skin or that it strips it down. I have acne prone, sensitive skin and cleansers can really irritate my skin. I can even use it multiple times a day if I need to with no problem. It also removes make up beautifully. The ingredient list is 👌 The scent is amazing too!

Gemma Felicity
Gorgeous Products & Fast Delivery!

My skin has never felt better since I switched to these products. Plus they smell DIVINE. Cleansing, Toning & Moisturising is now my favourite time of the day!

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