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3 x Skin Staples Muslin Cloths

What it is

Our muslin is a soft, woven, 100-percent bamboo and cotton multi-layer cloth with a gentle and caressible texture designed to be fluffy, absorbent and rejuvenating for your skin.

What it does

Our Skin Staples, muslin cloths do an exceptional job at gently buffing away impurities , stimulating circulation and gently lifting away daily grime and make up. They are also super soft making them a trusty pick for skin types that veer sensitive or dry.

Recommended For

All skin types - especially those wishing to have their face feeling polished and pampered.

Loved for

Their gentle exfoliating action that leaves skin super-clean and smooth- the perfect addition to your solid skincare routine.

Why you need it

It is very effective in breaking down skin cells and also increasing collagen production because of the removal of dead particles.

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Real, Proven Results

In-house consumer efficacy study with 30 participants (aged 25-55) using Freya + Bailey Awake Fruit Enzyme Glow Cleanser twice daily for 30 days.

Up to 95%

noted it helped to effectively remove daily impurities from skin 
Up to 94%
noted it helped to reduce excess sebum and grime from the skin  hydration after 24, 48, 72 hours
Up to 97%*
noted it left skin feeling softer and smoother
Up to 90%
noted it left skin looking cleansed and revitalised
*In a 4- week consumer panel study with 30 participants( aged 25-55) using  Awake Fruit Enzyme Glow Cleanser twice daily for 30 days.

How to use

Dampen the muslin cloth with warm water before using to gently remove product from your face and neck. Works perfectly with the  Freya + Bailey Heed Ultra Balancing Cleansing Oil, Lit- ABC Brightening Exfoliant, Awake Fruit Enzyme Glow Cleanser and Defy Coenzyme Firming Cleanser .

Care Instructions: Suitable for machine washing on a warm setting. Medium or low temperature settings can safely be used for dryers or irons. 

Pro Tip: 

Wet the facecloth with warm water and throw it on your face. Then gently start pressing it down on your skin. This will open up the pores and loosen the dirt. Do this before applying your remover.

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Are muslin cloths good for your face?

Yes, they gently exfoliate, buffing away dry skin and dramatically refining skin texture. They are very effective in breaking down skin cells and also increasing collagen production because of the removal of dead particles.

How do you use muslin cloths on your skin?

We recommend using them to massage in an oil cleanser such as HEED ULTRA BALANCING CLEANSING OIL and then wiping off until the cloth comes away clean. Beyond cleansing, you can use muslin cloths as cold compresses because they are so soft and absorbent. To use as such, wet them, wring them out, individually freeze them in storage bags use to cool off post-laser treatment or even after a workout or whenever your face is hot and flushed. The  bamboo  blend cotton actually pulls the heat out of your skin and into the cloth.

How do muslin cloths differ from wash cloths?

While some wash cloths are ultra soft , keep in mind that even the softest terrycloth is likely rougher than muslin. This simple fact makes it easier to scrub too hard, which can irritate and inflame the skin.

Any other considerations?

As with any cloth, It’s important to be gentle with skin, regardless of what you are using on it. and while it is very unlikely that aide from this, other issues will arise to negatively affect your skin, they will if your cloths are not clean.

Using a dirty muslin cloth with bacteria can spread germs around the face. Hand- or machine-wash the cloths and allow them to thoroughly dry between each use to prevent bacteria from building up.



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