Sets FAQ's UNPLUG Exfoliating Face Brush

Are facial brushes good for your skin?

Normal skin turnover has a one-month cycle, but  for enduring glow , you can give nature a helping hand. A face brush allows the dead skin cells to exfoliate quicker, and from that produce more collagen, for enhanced firmness. Additionally , it helps remove any oil or debris that's plugging pores and allows next steps skin products to penetrate skin better."The result? Reduced wrinkles, soft, healthier skin and a massaging routine that makes for a relaxing part of your day.

    Can I use a facial cleaning brush every day?

    Most skin types can  use our ultra soft UNPLUG Cleaning brush daily as its made with super soft nylon brushes which caress rather than tear the your delicate skin structure. Those with more sensitive complexions should stick with once or twice a week however as a precautionary.

      How many minutes should I use a face brush?

      To use a facial brush, apply a few pumps of face cleanser such as FREYA + BAILEY AWAKE GLOW CLEANSER to the brush and work the brush in small circles, upwards across your face. 


      How many minutes should I use a face brush?

      Do not use the facial brush for longer than 1 minute. Clean your chin, nose, and forehead for 20 seconds each. Clean each cheek for 10 seconds. Avoid using the brush on the delicate skin around your eyes no matter what type of bristles it has on it.

      How do I maintain the face brush?

      Once you've used the facial brush to clean your entire face, rinse away the residue , shake the water off the brush and pat the bristles on a towel .