Lipscreen FAQ's

Why do you need to protect yourlips?
In a nutshell: the skin on your lips is the thinnest and most fragile, so it’s crucial to protect them from harmful UVA and UVB rays. And remember UV rays can still have negative effects even on cloudy, gloomy Mondays, not just on glorious, sunny days.

What SPF should you use for your lips?

Most dermatologists agree that SPF30 is the ideal strength for the lips, which is enhanced by a formula that also moisturisers and softens. Anything less than SPF30 may result in damaged and chapped lips, which are very painful for a few days. 

Applying sun protection throughout the day is the best way to keep protected and prevent any UV rays penetrating your skin.

How often should I apply sun protection to my lips?

Your lips are more exposed to the sun than the rest of your body, therefore they need more care and attention. Reapply sun protection every few hours,.