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Encourages restorative sleep

Snooze Therapy "Wind down" Balm

What it is

The perfect addition to your slumber routine. It is a naturally derived, organic balm infused with a powerful blend of natural extracts to calm the mind, relax the body, and encourage a restful night's sleep.

What it does

  • Transform your sleep wind down, with a relaxing and calming aroma to put you in a restful state of mind.
  • Crafted with mood-enhancing and skin-nourishing plant-based ingredients including notes of lavender and Chamomile to calm your senses.
  • Plant-powered Aromatherapy: Relaxing, calming and soothing.

Recommended For

All skin types especially those looking for a calming wind down and prelude to a restful sleep.

Loved For

It's plant-powered aromatherapy: relaxing, calming and soothing. Crafted with mood-enhancing and skin-nourishing plant-based ingredients including notes of lavender and Chamomile, it will help to calm your senses.

Why you need it

Modern lifestyles are often hectic, this wonderous balm will aid an effortless night’s sleep without the need for chemical intervention.

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Ingredient Power Players

Real, Proven Results

In-house consumer efficacy study with 30 participants (aged 25-55) using Freya + Bailey Snooze Therapy Balm daily for 30 days.

Up to 100%

agreed it  left their skin plumped with hydration
Up to 91%
agreed this left them feeling refreshed and well rested in the morning.
Up to 92%
agreed it made them feel like they had 8 hours of beauty sleep
Up to 94%
agreed it improved their feeling of wellbeing.

Works Well With

Snooze Therapy Mist

Formulated with Organic Lavender, Rose and Chamomile Actives. 100MLSometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done, and often a good night's sleep is the first sacrifice. This aromatherapy blend will create an environment that promotes shuteye. Sink into restorative slumber with our deeply relaxing New


Is Beauty Sleep a myth?

We champion the restorative powers of sleep as a powerful tool to lower stress levels and help maintain a healthy mind and body. In addition, did you know that adequate sleep can  benefit your  beauty regime in the following ways: 

  • Your skin cells regenerate
  • Your skin is more receptive to products
  • Your body will produce more collagen
  • Your skin is able to de-stress
  • And so Is your mind
  • You're giving your skin an environmental break

What does sleep balm do?

Gently released by the warmth of your pulse points, our acclaimed SNOOZE THERAPY BALM helps to relax a busy mind, nourish your skin and calm your senses.

How do i use it?

Apply onto pulse points and breathe in deeply to calm and relax. The aroma calms and relaxes, allowing for a peaceful transition into sleep.

How do i use it?

Modern living is exhilarating, viable and stressful. Seek solace from the trials and tribulations of everyday life with this relaxing pulse point balm. Apply in the evening as part of your daily pre- slumber wind down.



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