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Targeted deep cleaning to boost elasticity + vitality

Defy Coenzyme Firming Cleanser

What it is

This calming cream-based cleanser is specially formulated for ageing skin. It gently pulls out impurities, excess oil and skin-dulling pollutants while thoroughly removing makeup.

What it Does

  •  Innovative slow ageing MOLECZYME Complex with Coenzyme Q10 tackles visible free radical damage such as fine lines, wrinkles, and age derived discoloration.
  • Coffea Arabica brings antioxidant protection, decelerating the naturally reducing collagen and elastin process to smooth and nourish.
  • Sugar cane derived Squalane tops up skin’s moisture-producing sebum that naturally declines with age, causing dryness and rougher texture.

Recommended For

All skin types — especially dry and ageing with loss of volume.

Loved for

Inhale its gently citrus based, aromatherapeutic blend, while juicy Aloe Vera plumps up skin ensuring a look and feel of fresh, refined dewiness.

Why you need it

Relish in a deep cleanse, which removes build up and promotes the development of healthy new skin for a rwvitalised look to ageing skin.

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Ingredient Power Players

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Real, Proven Results

In-house consumer efficacy study with 30 participants (aged 40-55) using Freya + Bailey Defy Coenzyme Firming Cleanser twice daily for 30 days.

Up to 96%

Agreed it helped effectively remove daily grime and impurities from the skin it smoothed and hydrated their skin.  
Up to 94%
reported it helped remove excess oil and pollutants from the skin. 
Up to 93%
greed it left skin feeling soft and smooth.
Up to 96%
agreed it left skin looking refreshed. 

How to use

1. Apply 2-3 pumps of Defy Coenzyme Smoothing Cleanser to dry or damp skin. 2. Thoroughly massage in to the entire face and residue with a warm, damp muslin cloth. 3. Rinse off with warm water. 4. Follow with your preferred Freya + Bailey tonic. For all year round smooth skin, use morning and evening.

Pro Tip
On average most people only spend about twenty seconds on cleansing which isn't enough time to massage the cleanser in properly. We recommend massaging your cleanser in for 60- 90 seconds to thoroughly remove make up, toxins, pollution and build-up.

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Defy Coenzyme Firming Cleanser - Freya + Bailey Skincare
Defy Coenzyme Firming Cleanser - Freya + Bailey Skincare

Defy Coenzyme Firming Cleanser

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Works Well With

Veil Peptide Firming Tonic

Formulated with 11 powerhouse anti-agers—biomimetic amino peptides which boost collagen and elastin production. It's ideal for plumping and smoothing maturing skin, thanks also to low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, Rosehip and Rosemary seed oil which help improve resistance to gravity by promoting skin’s elastic fibre architecture. 


Why Cleanse?

One of the best ways to put a fresh face forward, at any age, is to use a cleanser daily . For those of us who have started to see the tell tale signs of aging (think dullness, dryness, and dark spots), a face cleanser with revitalising superhero ingredients is a must. Think of it as your first line of defense in keeping skin stressors at bay.

As women age, skin becomes thinner with less collagen, decreased elasticity, increased wrinkling, and increased dryness. This is why it's important to use cleansers that hydrate, lightly exfoliate, and  cosset the skin. 

while leaving skin looking revitalized, renewed and youth boosted.


What  type Cleanser performs best for aging skin?

DEFY FIRMING CLEANSER was exactingly formulated with a wonderful creamy,  plant derived base, rich in humectants and lipids including Squalane, and Rosehip, it seals moisture in and works to maintain the integrity and healthy of the skin barrier. Infused with fine lines fighter Coffea Arabica, it  helps to decrease the appearance of sun spots, redness, and photoaging  for a multi functional cleanse that removes impurities, while leaving skin looking revitalized, renewed and youth boosted.

How often should I cleanse?

We recommend cleansing both morning and night. Skin oils and sweat continue to accumulate overnight, so washing your face in the morning leaves you with a fresh, clean base on which to apply products and makeup. During the day skin is exposed to environmental impurities and pollution which destroys the skin’s natural oils and breaks down its protective barrier, which can quicken the ageing process. These environmental factors also expose skin to damage from free radicals, which break down collagen, causing fine lines and wrinkles and can leave it red, inflamed and irritated. It is therefore especially important to give skin a thorough cleanse at night to remove the day’s dirt, impurities, SPF and make-up.

What does Coenzyme Q10 do for mature skin?

Coenzyme Q10 is a naturally produced bodily enzyme and one of the most fundamental antioxidants found in every cell of the human body. It is vital in energy production in cells.

When we're younger,  this is produced in abundance, however as we grow older, aging and stress slow down the CoQ10 creation process, causing dull and sallow, wrinkled skin. 

Coenzyme q10 is the star ingredient in our Defy Cleanser, combining with Squalane and vitamins in  an innovative MOLECZYME complex that helps to reactivate  the energy in cells that repair  age derived damage and ensure a healthy looking and  visibly age defying complexion.



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