Sets FAQ's Wink Stem Cell Lift Eye Cream

What  is the best way to eliminate under eye circles?

Adequate hydration and sleep of course helps from a lifestyle perspective but some darkness is also genetic. Using an eye cream that helps hydrate the skin and can penetrate vitamins deep into the delicate under eye skin is your best non injectable option for improving eye bags/darkness.  Try Freya + Bailey WINK STEM CELL LIFT  which is effective in reducing the amount of pigment or melanin in the skin, as well as improving the appearance of darkness.  Formulated with  brightening agents  including  vitamin C, niacinamide and Liquorice Root Extract, it works to keep your skin tone and texture high and your glow mighty.

What creates puffiness and how can I best treat it?

As we age the muscles around the eye and the tissue loses elasticity. This can lead to puffiness and mild wrinkling. Consistent use of an eye cream helps to reduce the visibility of these circles and puffiness. Combine with a face roller such as ROSA FACE LIFT, to enhance its effectiveness.

How often should i apply an eye cream and is there such a thing as using too much?

We recommend using twice a day and if one must choose-nightly is the best option as this  allows it to penetrate while the muscles and skin are relaxed.