Sets FAQ's Vitamin C Gleam Booster

What does Vitamin C do for my skin?

Vitamin C (also known as ascorbic acid) is a powerful antioxidant and one of the few skincare ingredients that has been proven to help in the battle against skin ageing. It neutralises free radicals and helps your body repair damaged cells. It encourages collagen production, helps protect skin against damage from the environment and can improve pigmentation caused by sun damage and scarring.

How do i Use it?

How to use it: "For most effective results use Vitamin C in the morning followed directly by a broad-spectrum SPF. Try Freya +Bailey Vitamin C Gleam serum (available exclusively as a free gift for orders &5 and over) and follow with Surge Advance Protect SPF 30."It should be used as the last layer prior to your SPF moisturiser.

When do i use it?

When to use Vitamin C in skincare routine?

Apply it to freshly cleansed or toned skin and let your serum - we recommend FREYA + BAILEY VITAMIN C GLEAM BOOSTER. Let the serum absorb fully then  follow with a moisturiser such as SURGE ADVANCED PROTECT + SPF 30.