Sets FAQ's Awake Fruit Enzyme Glow Cleanser

What does a Cleanser do to your face?

A cleanser’s primary job is to remove dirt, excess oil, bacteria and makeup from skin. Above and beyond that, our cleansers are formulated to provide other benefits to skin, from soothing dry skin to reducing breakouts, enhancing radiance and firming skin.

How often should you Cleanse?

We recommend washing your face twice a day, in the morning and at night. If you went to bed with a clean face, you might wonder if it’s truly necessary to wash your face in the morning. Cleansing in the morning helps wash away any stray dirt or bacteria that may have migrated from your nose, mouth or hair onto your skin by way of your pillow while sleeping. It’s also a good idea to wash your face after excessive sweating, like an intense session at the gym.

How do Fruit Enzymes Benefit my Cleansing Routine?

Fruit enzymes offer gentle exfoliation to the skin for a natural glow. As an ideal exfoliant for skin in need of glow, enzymes gently resurface skin to provide a smooth, radiant complexion. Our AWAKE FRUIT ENYME GLOW CLEANSER with Fruit Enzymes helps  break down the keratin protein from the outer layer of the skin, which bond dead skin cells together. Combined with plant oils  to nourish -  you can relish  an even toned radiance you'll love.