Set FAQs Skin Staples Muslin Cloth 3 pack

Are muslin cloths good for your face?

Yes, they gently exfoliate, buffing away dry skin and dramatically refining skin texture. They are very effective in breaking down skin cells and also increasing collagen production because of the removal of dead particles.

How do you use muslin cloths on your skin?

We recommend using them to massage in an oil cleanser such as HEED ULTRA BALANCING CLEANSING OIL and then wiping off until the cloth comes away clean. Beyond cleansing, you can use muslin cloths as cold compresses because they are so soft and absorbent. To use as such, wet them, wring them out, individually freeze them in storage bags use to cool off post-laser treatment or even after a workout or whenever your face is hot and flushed. The  bamboo  blend cotton actually pulls the heat out of your skin and into the cloth.

How do muslin cloths differ from wash cloths?

While some wash cloths are ultra soft , keep in mind that even the softest terrycloth is likely rougher than muslin. This simple fact makes it easier to scrub too hard, which can irritate and inflame the skin.

Any other considerations?

As with any cloth, It’s important to be gentle with skin, regardless of what you are using on it. and while it is very unlikely that aide from this, other issues will arise to negatively affect your skin, they will if your cloths are not clean.

Using a dirty muslin cloth with bacteria can spread germs around the face. Hand- or machine-wash the cloths and allow them to thoroughly dry between each use to prevent bacteria from building up.