Set FAQ's Reboot Superfoods Resilience Moisturiser

What are the Benefits of a Moisturiser?

If your complexion is parched, flaky, or irritated, seek out Moisturisers such as Freya + Bailey Reboot Superfoods Resilience which helps prevent water loss and repair the skin's moisture barrier. Its activated with key ingredients  including 15 Superfood extracts,  Vitamin E and of course, Hyaluronic acid.

When do I apply a Moisturiser?

Moisturiser is normally the last step in your skincare routine and you’ll want to apply it post-cleansing, following any other serums or treatment products.

How do I choose the right Moisturiser for my Skin?

For skin that’s compromised by the aging process and needs a helping hand, we would recommend Surge Advanced Protect + SPF 30 which utilises a micro algae and lipid complex to help lock moisture into skin while tackling seven different signs of ageing, from fine lines to uneven texture. With an SPF 30, vitamins B3, C and E and a lightweight, non-greasy consistency, it’s healthy skin in a bottle

For those suffering with uneven tone or the appearance of dullness, Freya + Bailey Forte Retinol Lustre is your go to. Packed with a rich concentration of fruit enzymes, fatty acids and 0.5% Retinol, it quickly sinks into skin, resurfacing and leaving it as fresh as a daisy.