Set FAQ's Doyenne AHA Glow Serum

What are AHA's in Skincare?

'AHAs are a group of natural acids clinically proven to dissolve the bonds between skin cells to allow the removal of dead cells and a subsequently smoother, fresher skin surface. Our Doyenne AHA Glow Serum excels in this chemical exfoliation and is formulated with Glycolic, Lactic (from plant fermentation), Malic and Tartaric acids to help reduce fine lines, dark spots and the look of  dullness.

Why should I use a Serum?

A serum is a bespoke mini treatment that pays detailed, attention to a specific skincare issue that you might have.  Brilliantly targeted, Freya + Bailey offer 3 such remedies– a juicy Hyaluronic Acid Conditioning Serum ( to elevate hydration and treat sensitivity), Doyenne AHA Glow Serum (for discolouration and glow) and Biome C (a repairative serum against skin stress and premature ageing.) They are expertly formulated, delivering a boost of proven, key ingredients deep down to the cells where they are needed most, for maximum efficacy.

When should I use a Serum?

We recommend using a serum every day as a normal part of your skincare routine. A twice daily application is ideal however if that is not possible, then always use a serum at night, on clean skin, underneath your moisturiser. Use serum in conjunction with your mo