With great knowledge comes empowerment. We believe our customers deserve more than just promises when it comes to sustainability and ethics. At Freya + Bailey, we remain authentically committed to positive action.  

We have now partnered with Provenance® to provide next-generation proof point-transparency around Freya + Bailey's real-world impact on planet and community to empower your decision making and choices. 

The breakthrough technology enables us to surface evidence-based claims that have either been fact-checked by Provenance® or verified by a third party. 

This connects our beloved shoppers with real data about how our products are made and how we operate as a business". You will see the Provenance® interactive icons confidently displayed on each product page; in recognition of the measures, we take to operate as a responsible business” .

We’re excited to contribute to a consistent and credible approach to sustainability; one that combats greenwashing head-on and delivers transparency gains to customers looking to make informed choices.