Better for you

We love straight-talking and honest advice. No anti-ageing clichés here – we’re a jargon-free zone. We’re also passionate about making effective skincare available to everyone. We don’t follow trends. We simply source the best natural/organic ingredients, backed by clinical know-how, and turn them into fresh modern formulas at non-scary prices. 

Better for our planet

We strive to be a mindful, sustainable business. Things like: we source responsibly, from established suppliers that share our ethical values. All our packaging is recyclable, including our delivery boxes and stuffing. We’re also part of a carbon offset programme which means we plant 15 trees for every employee. How nice is that?

Better for our communities

We believe beauty can be a force for good. That’s why we donate a portion of our profits to causes that help reduce sources of stress in our communities. Whether it’s helping cancer patients cope with the emotional challenges of their treatment or working to elevate the poorest members of society, we want to lend our support and be part of the solutions.