Lip Care

What Causes Dry Lips?

If you thought that winter was the only time of year when lips can get chapped and dry, think again. Dry lips can be caused by so many different factors, both externally and internally, including licking your lips,  the humidity in the air or extreme temperatures, both in the summer and in the winter. Plus, not drinking enough water can lead to dehydration that will cause your lips (and skin!) to dry out.

Why Do I Need Special Care For My Lips?

The skin on your lips is extremely thin and sensitive. Your lips only have a thin layer to protect themselves from external irritations. Lip care products preserve the healthy condition of your skin.

What Should A Good Lip Treatment do?

A good lip balm should be nourishing and hydrating, while keeping your lips protected from pollution in the air and even damage from the sun if you choose one with SPF in it. Lip balm should soothe and calm dry lips without causing any irritation or inflammation.

 Chapped Lips - What Can I Do?

If your lips become dry and chapped, reach for a product that can relieve dryness and help to repair the lips as well as supporting the healing process. Our FREYA + BREYA Lip Contour Treatment Serum and VOLIPTUOUS C LIP BALM are the ultimate lip revivers.

What Ingredients Make A Great Lip Balm or Treatment?

There's nothing like lips that feel revived, right? Traditional lip balms often contain ingredients like beeswax, carnauba wax, lanolin, or petrolatum. At Freya + bailey our Lip Treatment Innovations  are 100% Vegan, concentrated with ingredients such as a 70% algae base, stabilised vitamin C and E and Karita butters that melt into your lips for longer lasting hydration. Additionally, our hyaluronic acid infusions seal in moisture from the air, while lipids and ceramides moisturise and protect the skin barrier for long-term hydration.