Copy of Sets FAQ's Collagen Q10 Firming Night Cream

What happens to your skin during sleep?

Our skin is the largest organ of the body, and the primary function of the skin is protection. As we sleep, the skin is still on duty working as the first line of defence for our bodies. It works to help regulate our body temperature, retain water and protect against infection. Good sleep also enables our entire body to regenerate and this is the same for skin, too. It’s why a good night-time regime and a healthy sleep pattern is so essential – too much disruption will prevent our skin from renewing or regenerating properly, which can lead to accelerated skin ageing over time.” 

Do I need a separate Day and Night Moisturiser?

If you prefer to take a minimalist approach to your skincare and limit the number of products in your line-up,  then a versatile moisturiser for morning and night such as Forte Retinol Lustre can be considered  however – for each part of the day.  Here’s why:

Our day creams are specially formulated with stress, pollution and blue light protection, and infused with glow boosting actives as well base ingredients to prep the skin for makeup. In addition we don’t recommend using moisturiser with sunscreen at overnight so if your day cream contains SPF, we’d definitely suggest getting a second formula for nighttime. Hunting for an overnight moisturiser? With nourishing Ceramides, hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and cell firming Retionol and Marine Collagen, our Collagen Q10 Firming Night cream  is scientifically developed to work with your skin’s intrinsic night time cellular regeneration and reparative actions, when it’s the most receptive.

Do I need a Night Moisturiser?

After a tough day battling impurities your skin naturally rejuvenates overnight and night creams such as Freya + Bailey COLLAGEN Q10 Firming sensation are specifically formulated to make the most of the skin’s ‘night time rhythm’, in which it regenerates and repairs the day’s damage. It’s activated with cell regenerating antioxidants plus botanical oils, Retinol and Marine Collagen, to repair and replenish while you sleep.