Set FAQ's Rendezvous Body Souffle

Why should I apply moisturiser daily?

Our skin is subject to different influences every day - it dries out fast after showering and environmental influences place a strain on it. Therefore, it’s important that you moisturise your skin. All skincare products from  Freya + Bailey Body  Restore range provide your skin with moisturising ingredients

Are  Freya + Bailey Body products also suitable for the face?
We have a wide range of facial products for different skin needs that we’d advice you to use as they are specially formulated for this thinner skinned area.
What  body products can be used safely during pregnancy to massage stretch marks? 
Due to its high amount of conditioning, botanical oils, Freya + Bailey Rendezvous Conditioning Souffle is ideal for massaging the belly during  pregnancy. Furthermore, it provides a soft feeling when massaging stretch marks. It can be used on dry and wet skin after the shower.
When is the best time to use your body souffle?
The best time to use our body oils is when the skin is still moist - ideally, after a bath or shower. When the skin is damp, it is able to draw in more of the skin-softening benefits and nourishment encapsulated within. Our Rendezvous body souffle may be used as regular, everyday body moisturisers or for a massage.