Set FAQ's Biome C Repair Serum

What  is the skin barrier function?

The skin barrier function describes the top layer or outermost layer of your skin. It’s critical function is to lock in moisture and protect from damage derived from UV, allergens and free radicals. Stress, lifestyle and unsuitable skincare treatments also contribute as does aging. Symptoms include lack of resilience, loss of volume and the appearance of fine lines.  To combat we recommend Freya + Bailey BIOME C Serum, a repairative treatment clinically activated with barrier-repairing ingredients ceramides, glycerine and asia centella to support and nurture your skin barrier function and improve your skin. 

What is the difference between Moisturiser and Serum?

Serums are highly concentrated, lighter weight, products that are designed to address a variety of skincare issues and concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, dull skin, dehydration or blemishes. They are thinner and lighter than moisturisers and are made up of smaller molecules, meaning that they can penetrate deeper into the skin delivering potent active ingredients to layers of the skin that moisturisers cannot reach.

Our Biome C Serums contain antioxidants, vitamins and time warding wonder Hibiscus, known as floral botox. target specific skin concerns around aging and delivers these ingredients to where they are needed the most. It’s a multitasking products which can reduce wrinkles, repair as well as hydrate skin, however, it’s not designed to replace your moisturiser and in fact works synergistically to aid the absorption of your moisturiser.

How should I apply Serum?

Using upward and outward circular movements, massage serum into your face. This technique helps to stimulate circulation and allows it to be better absorbed, which enabling the delivery of nutrients to aging skin.