Set FAQ's Hyaluronic - Vit C Face Mist

Do Mists only help hydrate skin?

While Face mists really come into their own during the summer months, when a quick spritz on heat-ravaged skin can act as the ultimate cool-down. Our lauded Hyaluronic- Vit C Face Mist delivers  much more than just a refreshing boost in the midst of a busy day, primarily potent active ingredients such as powerful Hyaluronic acid  Vitamin C Esters and Laminaria Algae to, hydrating, soothing and  illuminate.

What does vitamin c do for skin?

Vitamin C is essential. It’s a powerful antioxidant that fights against free radicals which cause  ageing such as pollution. These environmental 'nasties' cause inflammation, which is at the root of a handful of skin issues such as breakouts, excess melanin production ( dark spots) and a breakdown of collagen. Halting inflammation is key to healthy skin.

How can the Vitamin C abundant mist help with radiance?

Vitamin C is a known brightener and using it regularly has the ability to even out skin tone.  Our mist can help reduce dark spots by minimising the formation of excess melanin in the skin. This helps promote radiance when used daily.

I have noticed my skin starting to age and am concerned. Can the Mist help?

Yes, it also stimulates collagen production.  Collagen production depletes as we age so Vitamin C helps your skin repair damaged cells, maintaining what we have for fresher-looking skin.

How can I get the most from using one?

Think of the mist like a full meal instead of a single ingredient dish packed with vitamins, antioxidants, humectants, hydrators and brighteners in one spritz.” We have clinically designed  it with “nutrient reservoirs that can be misted so the skin is fed and nourished through the day and helps take down irritation, defend, destress, strengthen and rebalance the skin.

What does the treatment offer?

A great application tip is to deploy your Hyaluronic Vit C mist post- cleanse and pre-serum and moisturiser – since the mist dampens the skin, you can expect it to facilitate better absorption of subsequent products, making them more efficacious. The trick is to seal in moisture, so you trap the ingredients from the mist on the skin