Body Restoration Resilience Kit FAQ's

How do I achieve soft, firm skin?

Exfoliate your body every week to get a gorgeous glow. Our CRAVE  SUPERFOOD SCULPTING BODY POLISHER with micro granules, is suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types. Slough away impurities and dead skin cells to let your skin breathe. Cleansed, clear, and healthy, exfoliated skin is primed to soak up all the benefits of the RENDEZVOUS  ULTRA FIRMING BODY SOUFFLE with naturally derived plant extracts including Mango, Shea and Avocado  to stimulate and revive skin leaving it soft, firm, and toned! 

How do I care for dehydrated skin using body moisturiser?

Dehydrated skin on your body shows signs of dryness, and feels tight. The only way to relieve this discomfort is to make up for a loss of moisture. When bathing or showering, use a gentle body cleanser such as SHREW ULTRA CONDITIONING BODY CLEANSER with Plant extracts including Aloe Vera, Vitamin C and  E for soft, supple skin.

Apply body lotion straight away  such as RENDEZVOUS  ULTRA FIRMING BODY SOUFFLE with its light melt-in texture. It's super-nourishing formula soothes, protects, and comforts dry skin thanks to the benefits of Shea butter, Almond and Coconut extracts, for strong, satin smooth skin.

Smooth from the ankles up to the waist, and from wrists to shoulders to work the product in and optimise its nourishing, hydrating action. Satiny skin glowing with health. An anti-aging ultra-soft moisturiser for the whole body!