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Modern life is stressful, there’s no doubt about it. In fact, for many, not a day goes by where we don’t either a) complain that we’re stressed out or b) hear from our friends about their stress.

One side effect of this besides the sense of feeling overwhelmed is that stress shows up on your skin thanks to the hormones (cortisol) released which creates different reactions in the skin.

Abbie Oguntade, founder of Freya + Bailey knows this first hand. She states “I was holding down a leadership role and was worn down with its demands, eating the wrong things on the go, working triple time and trying to do it all. My body protested before I did with cystic acne, dullness and loss of glow. When your skin’s out of balance and not behaving the way it normally does, it usually means you’re overwhelmed"

Thankfully, there are ways to look for—and prevent—stress from taking a toll not only on your mind, but also on your healthy glow. Here’s what to look out for when your skin is feeling stressed and what you can do about it.


When you’re feeling frazzled its normal for minor things to irritate you and guess what, the same applies to your skin. Hormones released when you’re under pressure can lead to skin conditions such as rosacea, cirrhosis, and eczema. 

To help with this, we recommend LIT! Decongest Face Toner with rosewater. It maintains the skin's pH balance with anti-inflammatory properties that soothes and helps reduce the redness of stressed skin.


Stress-induced acne normally shows up around the mouth and chin area though with cystic, it can be everywhere. This imbalance in the body can mean that those previously unfamiliar with skin breakouts may start experiencing them as the stress induced hormones make your skin volatile. 

To regulate this, we recommend an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory hydrating agent such as CONTROL! Clarifying Face Serum with Sea Buckthorn and Tea Tree oil which reduce the acne-causing bacteria on your skin and calm any irritation already set in.


Intense stress is aging, the cortisol hormone breaks down your skin structure, diminishing collagen and reducing its elasticity.

To combat, we recommend FORTE! Collagen Face Moisturiser with retinol and hyaluronic acid which helps restore loss of elasticity, even skin tone, increase collagen production and reignite glow.


Have you noticed a sallowness in your complexion, a certain lack of glow at a time when your spirit needs it most. Yup you guessed it, blame it on the S word. Stress retards the speed of your skin’s healing and renewal which results in congestion, dullness and uneven skin tone.

To help with this, we recommend regular exfoliation with THROWBACK! Detox Face Mask to eliminate dead skin cells and expedite cell turnover.  Your glow will be back in no time.


We’re sorry to say it but there’s another way your woes can impact your radiance. Stress can impair your skin’s barrier function as it erodes the outer layer of your skin which normally protects you from bacteria, micro pollution and other aggressors. This not only leads to dullness but radiance sapping skin dehydration.

To restore, we recommend HEED! Marula Cleanser or Serum; which is rich in skin nourishing omega fatty acids. It helps deliver essential nutrients and restore that dewy glow. One more thing- stay hydrated—water, water, water.


While seeking to identify the root cause of your stress, make sure you leave time for YOU. To support your daily calm, our formulas are infused with therapeutic aromas to help soothe minds as well as skin. Whether it’s sniffing soothing essential oils, practising yoga or going for a run, we say, whatever feels good to your soul, do that.



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