Next time your stress levels start soaring, fill your plate with these foods that are scientifically proven to help you feel less frazzled.

“You are what you eat.” We’ve all heard it a thousand times before but When it comes to mental wellness, certain foods contain vitamins and nutrients that can make us calmer and more relaxed.

Finding balance with food is s a tactic available to everyone and while there’s stress eating and there’s eating to reduce stress, these foods with mood-boosting properties will hep fend off the frazzles. No expensive supplements or complex methodology is required. Here are your pantry staples:

Herbal Tea

Sometimes it's the feeling that food or drinks induce, not their nutrients, that helps reduce stress with evidence of holding a cup of tea increasing a sense of interpersonal warmth and friendliness. Herbs, like lavender and chamomile are great for wind down as is green tea which is packed with full of flavonoids, which studies show support brain health.

Dark Chocolate

Here’s a popular one- chocolate, dark chocolate specifically is rich in antioxidants which help lower levels of stress hormones in the body, but it’s still best enjoyed in moderation and is best without an unnecessary surplus of added sugar. Look for an option with pure components and no hidden additives or chemicals.