The best treatments for menopausal skin

If menopause has left your skin dull, dry, sensitive or acne-prone, there are simple steps you can take to look better
Menopause can trigger some unwelcome changes in our skin. As oestrogen levels plummet, our body’s collagen production decreases. This can leave the skin feeling dry and thin, while it also starts to lose its elasticity, causing sagging, fine lines and wrinkles.
While ageing is inevitable, it’s true to say that none of us want to look old, we don’t want wrinkles or saggy skin. Fortunately, we can put measures into place from an early age that can slow down the visible signs of ageing, and reduce the impacts on our skin as much as possible.
The skin-tightening treatment
One of the most commonly forgotten skincare rules? ‘Don’t neglect your neck’. Make up for lost time with the Peptide Renewal Neck + Decolletage Treatment from the SkinElixir range, which has been specifically developed for menopausal skin. With key ingredients such as skin-tightening peptides and anti-ageing amino acids, it helps to tighten and redefine your neckline and face contours. After cleansing, melt a small amount into your hands before applying to the neck and face with firm, circular movements, leaving them feeling instantly plumped and hydrated.
The eye-smoothing concentrate
The delicate area around your eye can be the first to show signs of ageing, which is only exacerbated during menopause when collagen levels drop. Help lessen the appearance of wrinkles, eliminate puffiness and soothe the area with new Wink Stem Cell Lift Eye Cream. This potent dual-technology formulation has all the tightening effects of a gel, but with the comfort of a cream. It is also enriched with 13 plant extracts, including buriti which can help reduce skin inflammation, and Coffea Arabica to boost radiance. Pat the serum onto the skin around your eye gently with your ring finger for instantly smoother-looking skin. If your sleep pattern is suffering, this small but mighty concentrate is your secret weapon for cheating well-rested eyes.
The radiance-making retinol
If you haven’t already discovered the holy grail of pro-ageing products — retinol — now is the ideal time to start. Also known as vitamin A, this potent active ingredient can increase cell turnover, and stimulate collagen and elastin production, to encourage firmer skin. Step forward Collagen Q10 Firming Night  Cream, which works overnight to kickstart surface skin renewal. Containing 0.5% pure retinol and collagen, plus anti-wrinkle antioxidant blend, this supercharged concentrate will help gently resurface and reboot menopausal skin. If you use a retinol at night, remember to always apply SPF the next morning, as it can make the skin more sensitive to the sun’s rays.
The cell-boosting serum
A serum is non-negotiable when it comes to skin hydration, and it can also help brighten your complexion — ideal if you feel like it’s suddenly looking lacklustre post-menopause. Enter the new Biome C Repair Serum.  Enriched with antioxidants including hibiscus , it is like beauty sleep in a bottle. The clever, but oh-so lightweight, formula helps boost cell turnover to leave your skin feeling firmer and smoother and looking visibly revitalised. 
The complexion-plumping cream
If you’re noticing dryness, sagging or dullness (or a combination of all three), your regular day cream may not be cutting it anymore. Look for a hardworking formula that delivers pro-ageing benefits and in-built sun protection. Surge Advanced Protect Moisturiser SPF30 does it all for daytime. With a clever blend of both high and low molecular ingredients, it contains hyaluronic acid to help draw in moisture and plump up the appearance of deeper wrinkles, while and  combine to accelerate collagen renewal. This anti-wrinkle day cream also contains SPF30 and UVA for added protection from sun damage, so you’re helping to slow down the skin’s ageing process on every level.