Life is without meaning. You bring the meaning to it.

The meaning of life is whatever you ascribe it to be

Getting out of bed in the morning can sometimes be the most difficult activity of the day, How do you find the morning motivation, the courage, the physical and mental energy to get out of bed?

Having a good answer to that question might help you stay healthier and even live longer. Research shows that when you feel your life has meaning you may be less likely to develop stress related health issues, sleep problems, or premature death.

Defining what constitutes a meaningful life is personal however fundamentally it’s the idea that your life makes sense, you’re here for a reason, and you’re significant in the world. 

Crucially, reminding yourself regularly about what gives your life purpose is what makes the most difference. It’s easy to lose sight of this awareness.

Modern life takes us in multiple directions, it asks so much of us and we’re often concerned with the must do’s, the functional and all the politics in between. 

Why, we’re doing it , the end game and wider purpose doesn’t come into it. Instead we’re often frustrated, fatigued and stressed. As hard and indulgent as it may see, if you can step back and take a few moments to reflect on what makes it all worthwhile, both your health and your happiness are likely to benefit. Here’s how

Reduce stress

Being mindful of what matters most may help you keep other frustrations and annoyances in perspective. Yes, you’re still dealing with the same traffic jam, looming deadline, or demanding boss. But you aren’t blowing the situation out of proportion, and that results in less stress, because there is a sense of a greater Purpose.

Improved coping

Preliminary evidence suggests that people who feel as if their lives are meaningful may choose more effective coping strategies when faced with a problem or challenge. For example, in a recent study of arthritis patients who were undergoing knee replacement, a strong sense of purpose before surgery was associated with more active coping and better physical health after surgery.

Health-promoting behaviours

Having a greater sense of meaning may mean you’re more likely to take care of yourself as there is greater appreciation, that your life matters more. Having an ultimate purpose that you’re trying to fulfil solidifies this and health is the foundation for being able to do that. This bears true in further research where in a study of older adults, a higher sense of purpose was associated with greater use of preventive health services, such as getting a cholesterol test, mammogram, or prostate exam. Not incidentally, it was also related to spending less time in the hospital.

The message here is ultimately this: Your life counts for something. Yes its understandable and often inevitable to get distracted by daily pressures and hassles. But reminding yourself about why its meaningful may be good for your mental and physical health.

Keep Glowing x