It’s London Fashion week and the demand for sustainable vegan fabrics is at an all-time high. From organic cotton to pineapple leather, the options for cruelty free fabrics is ever growing and we couldn’t be happier for it. Here’s the lowdown on options to dress your skin in:

Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton minimises environmental impact by removing the use of cancer-causing pesticides and other chemicals in the production process, and instead focuses on a holistic process that puts sustainability first. Not only is it better for the environment, its breathable natural fiber properties mean it’s also better for your body. It’s ideal for your skin skimming basics, from t-shirts to underwear.


Linen is a long established, sustainable fabric made from the stem of the flax plant Hardy and moth resistant, with souped up powers that strengthen with every wash, it’s also breathable and when untreated, entirely biodegradable!  Go for the non-white option and use year-round.


Hemp fabric has been synonymous with cannabis and hippies, though it contains negligible THC. One of the most sustainable fabric options out there. It’s highly UV and pest -resistant properties, requires little water to maintain and is ecologically sound in that the majority of the nutrients it uses to grow, is then returned back into the soil!

Pinnate (Pineapple Leather)

This just in – the man from Del Monte says yes- to more than chomping down on Pineapple chunks that is. Pineapple, it’s not just for eating as the leaves of the pineapple plant have recently become one of the most sustainable vegan leather alternatives on the market.

Made from pineapple leaf fiber, it’s a natural, biodegradable product that reduces waste and provides additional income to farmers who were otherwise throwing pineapple leaves away!  What’s not to love?


Another funky favorite ideal for use in shoes and bags is cork. Relatively new to the fashion world (though used in household products for many years), cork is a water-resistant, renewable and completely recyclable material. This durable, lightweight, waterproof material is well worth looking into for a unique statement bag or pair of shoes!