Bad skin, at our age… it shouldn't happen, right? Well, it does. Acne. It’s a  real sledgehammer to your self-esteem and far from just being a 'teen problem', it can plague sufferers well into their thirties and beyond.

Rest assured you’re not alone. At last count, 54% of women over 25 had some facial acne. Another study puts cases for those aged 20-30 at 80%, with 5% finding their spots persist into their forties.- in short, millions of women in the UK are living with skin conditions that hit them hard both physically and emotionally

Our skin is often linked to an outward portrayal of beauty and good health and here at Freya + Bailey towers the discomfort, embarrassment, expense and distress of acne was one of the fuels to our creation of our skincare range- we recall the toll taken on confidence.

While we’re passionate advocates for skin glow, clarifying skin and combating micro pollution but stress you don’t have to have perfect skin and if its impacting your mental health, you must address these feelings in a practical , healthy and self cared filled way.

 Here are some tips to get you there:-

Know thy Enemy

Establishing and maintaining a cleansing routine that’s suitable for your skin type is critically important when it comes to managing problems and building confidence. What you’re using may be exacerbating the issue and if the acne is severe, may need a prescription- based remedy such as Roaccutane. Use our Customised regime and Skin Type quiz ( to identify some fundamentals relating to your skincare regime needs. Once you’re clear on what the root of your skin problem is, you’ll be free to trial products and a routine that works for you.

Treat it topically

Keep your hands on your hips, not your face.

You know this. I know this. But we've all done it, in hopes that we'll make the situation better. Usually, it backfires. Oh so it’s a reflex is it- no conscious control.

Ok, we’re with it. The trouble with continuously touching your face is that, you're essentially transferring dirt and bacteria from your hands to your visage, which can lead to dirty, clogged pores and the dreaded things that go bump in the night- BREAKOUTS

Chill Out

Modern living means social media, and with that come super HD filters, sophisticated editing and Instagram models. Unfortunately though, this gives rise to unrealistic expectations. This increases the pressure for constant perfection which makes us more aware of our skin than ever before. You may end up feeling like you are the only person in the world with your skin problem, when in fact,  60% of Brits suffer, or have suffered from a skin disease! If scrolling through social media and looking at pictures is getting you down, it’s worth logging out and taking a step back.

Sleep Deep + Sleep Well

Shut off the world, turn off the light, and treat yourself

to an early hour sleep a few times a week for a balanced perspective. Sleep deprivation clouds the

mind pulling you down into a negative frame of mind. Enjoy some extra shut eye for an extra surge of mental and physical restoration and energy boost.

Things really can look better in the morning