So last year, I decided to stop winging it- eyeliner, life, everything. I made the usual must stay fit resolution and while the struggle is real, here I am still out there on that fitness journey. At first it was the best, like one of those falling in love montage scenes you see in movies just before the crash- I was glowing, my body rocking and my skin clear. As I said that was before the crash. I can’t pinpoint the moment my skin decided to express itself like it was in verbal release therapy but sure enough after a while of working out I was rewarded with a generous sprinkling of spots – and they weren’t quiet ones either. Payback you could say for those daily sweat sessions. As a result, I went from not even taking off my makeup before hitting the gym (yup, guilty!) to having a full pre- and post-workout skincare regimen to keep my skin in check. This is the combo that finally helped kick my breakouts to the curb.

So full disclosure now, I used to pretty much come from whatever I was doing and hit up the gym with make up in tow. Sure, I knew better but figured it would be fine and honestly it was. Until it wasn’t. The flare ups began and it was very clearly related to wearing makeup as I found that if I worked out without wearing any, I'd wind up with less irritation. Once the penny dropped, I took matters in my own hands. Sure, I could have booked early morning classes and show up bare faced but I chose club bed, featuring DJ pillow and MC Blanky! Still, the comeback is always stronger than the setback so did the following instead:

I wipe my face first- using ……for a quick removal process then pair with Freya + Bailey’s AWAKE! Recharge Cleanser. Not only does it smell like a spa and gets me in the zone for a good sweat sesh, the cream cleanser formula is an all-star at whisking away every trace of dirt and oil.

After my workout, Its back on with AWAKE! Recharge- this time with a face brush for an impurities purge as I shower. I mean business. I also started using their SHREW! Deep body wash – hey, I like what I like! And it helps me feel fresh. As. Hell.

To finish, I sweep a toner over my face, slap on my AHA soaked serum and FORTE! Collagen moisturiser with retinol, renowned for helping with cell turnover, helping brighten dark spots and acne marks for an all-over radiant glow. I have been using the Freya + Bailey range as I live in the city and pollution is a concern for me. The initial recommendation actually came from a friend of mine who works in beauty PR and my skin has certainly taken to it- glow is back like it never left!

Before bed, I bring out the big guns. When it comes down to it, I really credit my overall clearer complexion to POLISH! Night Cream (£46 It's a badass full-strength rejuvenating cream that helps to both clear and prevent acne. It's packed with hyaluronic acid - my moisturiser drug of choice and is rich, but not overly so, and got my combo skin feeling emotions! Spot the difference.