Five Daily Tips To Help You Reduce Your Plastic Footprint + Save Our Seas

Connects. Sustains. Supports. That is what the ocean does for us all.

The ocean is home to more than half of all life on the planet, is so vast and unknown that at least 80% of it remains unexplored by humans and covers more than 70% of the Earth’s surface.

But our oceans don’t just help the planet – and all those that inhabit it – live and breathe, they benefit us in a myriad of other ways, which we simply take for granted. They offer an abundance of food that sustains billions across the planet – plant life as well as fish and shellfish. We source the ingredients used to treat multiple medical conditions, from cancer to arthritis to heart disease, from our oceans. Our seas are used to ship over 11 billion tonnes of goods globally every year (that’s 1.5 tonnes for each of us).


Without question the last couple of years have tested many aspects of life but what the pandemic has done is bought back the sense of community.

Revitalization: collective action for the ocean is the theme for World Ocean Day 2022, time to come together as a community. The onus is on us individually and collectively to work together to listen and to share our knowledge to bridge barriers and collaborate. So, if you’re looking to reduce your plastic waste or even give up plastic for good, join us in the fight against plastic pollution with five everyday tips below that will help you get on your way to saving our seas.

1. Don’t make it convenient!

Plastic straws have been banned but are you still getting plastic cutlery with your take-away? While some may like the convenience of having a backup draw of plastic sporks they’re not actually doing our environment any favours unless you reuse them and don’t keep stocking up on them after each takeaway.

2. Change how you brew

Does your brew contain plastic? So many teabags are still actually sealed with plastic, making them difficult to biodegrade. With 165m cups of tea consumed each day, that can equal a lot of tea bags finding their way into landfill. Drink tea guilt-free, choose loose tea with a strainer instead of teabags, or give plastic-free tea brands a go (we love Pukka and Teapigs).

3. Think again before you douse yourself in glitter next glasto’

Glitter is the plastic party that never ends. It’s made from microplastic that’s especially lethal to our seas and oceans, as well as the marine life within them. Next time you’re looking to get your festival outfit ready, be sure to choose a biodegradable glitter so you can still sparkle guilt-free!

4. Search and save the ocean.

OceanHero is a search engine that helps you save the oceans from plastic pollution with every click. For every five searches, you give Waste Free Oceans the means to collect one plastic bottle from the ocean. So far Ocean Hero helped to collect over 27 million bottles.

5. Refill and reuse.

Refill and reuse to minimise single-use plastic. We were so proud to launch our refills this year, which we offer for all of our liquids and oils. We encourage you to keep hold of your pump and spray bottles and purchase refill options when it’s time to reorder. This will mean you’re using 70% less packaging than if you were to buy a brand-new bottle! 

Do you have any top tips to help our Freya+Bailey community reduce their plastic footprint? Share them with us over on our Facebook or Instagram pages, and let’s club together to make a difference so that we can all enjoy a brighter, healthier future. Keep glowing.