Menopausal Skincare Regime

As we age, our skin needs do inevitably change. While embracing the natural ageing process as a precious part of life, there’s still room for us to expect our skincare delivers optimum benefits.

So, we’re here to equip you with some age-defying skincare intel, across different key ingredients and their specific components.

As peri manaupause commences, the skin’s upper surface layer (the epidermis) thins. Collagen production declines too, so it’s time to get you set with lots of lavishly plumping skincare for added nourishment and hydration.

Alongside fine lines and wrinkles, one of the most common signs of this life stage is age spots. These are dark patches that can crop up on your face, hands, and other body areas. They’re caused by pigment cells and can also occur due to excessive sun exposure. But if they bother you, there are plenty of product picks which can help with this.

Menopause derived hormonal changes can trigger skin sensitivity, and what once worked for you may now require a few ingredient and routine tweaks. As life evolves and experiences become even richer with age, so can your skincare regime. There’s everything to celebrate about getting older, embracing further accomplishments and achievements, and being proud of the journey we’re on. You’re bossing it, and so can your skincare.

So, let’s get down to beauty business and outline some top Menopausal skincare tips and tricks.

Minimise potential stress

  • Relaxation is always top of our stress-busting list, as being able to rest builds up your resilience for intense work or personal life chapters.
  • Exposure to blue light from screens can affect your natural circadian rhythm and seriously jeopardise sleep quality, as well as contributing to skin ageing prematurely. Maximise much-needed rest at the end of a busy day by banning phones from the bedroom and having at least an hour of screen-free time before you go to sleep. Your skin is in recovery mode as you sleep too. Plus, this is when it loses moisture, and will happily lap up additional night cream hydration.
  • Get outside where you can, and grab some grounding nature and vitamin D. If that’s trickier during colder months, a light therapy lamp can provide natural LED sunlight from the comfort of your own home.
  • Keep an eye on which stress triggers make you feel the most frazzled and try to bolster yourself during highly pressured moments with any comforting coping mechanisms you have. Put boundaries in place to protect your space, prioritising loved ones who boost your oxytocin levels.

Keep a keen eye out for hero ingredients

Squalane has multiple anti-ageing benefits, including promoting firmness, reducing inflammation, and increasing skin softness. It helps with elastin levels too, which contributes to the skin’s structure. Plus,Squalane enables skin to hold onto optimum moisture levels. Alongside evening out skin texture.

Antioxidant coenzyme Q10 assists with stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, which naturally decrease as we age. They’re also diminished by stressors like exposure to UVA, UVB and blue light, as well as environmental pollutants. Coenzyme Q10 tackles visible free radical damage that can present as fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, and dullness too.

Skin plumping peptides include plant-derived marine collagen, where its water-soluble nature delivers vital moisture with easily absorbed nutrients. Plus, our vegan collagen complex shares the same structural, biochemical properties as the animal-derived alternative, working hard to boost elasticity and reduced fine lines.

Finally, on the peptide front are acetyl hexapeptide and acetyl tetra-peptide-2. This dual peptide formula works together in supporting healthy collagen and elastin production. Meanwhile, skin tone luminosity looks more radiant, and texture is smoothed. The potent, powerful concentration of these key ingredients promise fast penetration and excellent skincare results, particular for ageing concerns.

Perfect your product picks
Our age-defying range homes in on proven ingredients and firming results. Here are a few key favourites:

Biome C Repair Serum
Within the soothing, lightweight serum, our unique MOLECZYME complex of hibiscus stem and squalane increases firmness and elastin. Potent antioxidant ingredients also protect against stressed skin, which can speed up signs of premature ageing.
Collagen Peptide Firming Mask
This gel-based mask noticeably minimises the appearance of fine lines and dark spots and includes plumping synthetic peptides which are also found in Botox. Meanwhile silica from bamboo offers support for both silica and elastin.
Collagen Q10 Night Cream
This plant-based retinol treatment contains niacinamide to diminish the look of fine lines and balance skin tone. Natural AHAs offer exfoliation and softly renewed skin too, alongside hydration wonder, hyaluronic acid.