Achieving perfect skin is a long game, for sure. Most regimens take at least 3-5 weeks to produce significant results, and years of pollution protection diligence has a bigger preventative payoff than any after-the-fact fix can give you. But there are steps you can take to fast forward your results. Try these four shortcuts for a more beautiful complexion ASAP.

Start With A Clean Slate Exfoliation is about the quickest fix you can give your skin. Removing the dead cells on the surface layer helps skin look instantly brighter and less dull, and lets your creams and lotions penetrate better.

Already exfoliating, but not seeing the results you’re hoping for? “Switch up! If your exfoliation method is a grainy scrub, consider a daily gentle cleansing brush like our crazily good UNPLUG! Exfoliator brush, to jump start your deep cleansing routine. 

Soup Up Your Skincare The best skincare ingredients not only offer results over time, but can make a difference almost instantly, too. “Retinols, peptides and vitamins are available in easy to use serums, creams and lotions and will give a short-term as well as a long-term glow. Choose supercharged products like our CONTROL! clarifying serum to boost the benefits and pack a concentrated vitamin dose with our FORTE! Collagen or REBOOT! Incredible moisturisers for visibly noticeable results. Oh, and here’s the mama of them all. For a 24-hr surge, grab one our glow acceleration night creams- were talking like NOCTURNAL! Restore, PROTECT! Hyaluronic and POLISH, or for softer, more supple skin. Enriched with ingredients such as vegan collagen, hyaluronic acid and Vitamins ACE. You woke up like this? Mama, you certainly will!

Adjust Your Diet While antioxidant-rich superfoods can improve your health, and ultimately your complexion, we recommend bringing in the big guns with a Superfoods packed skincare regime reinforcement. Deliver nutrients directly to your skin and help fortify its barrier against micro pollution and airborne urban aggressors- it’s literally feeding your skin.

One other diet change can give you fast results is decreasing your intake of salt or salty foods. Salty foods are the culprits that lead to puffiness, heavy lids and bloating. By cutting down on their intake and combining with an effective skincare regime- you can wake up looking better.

Red Carpet Readiness In A (Recyclable) Jar!

Okay, so like most of us, you don’t have a have a facialist on speed dial to help you prep, fret not – our speedy-acting face masks are THE thing. Formulated with potent actives, skin-sloughing acids and detoxing clay our complexion-pampering collections are “spa weekends” in a jar - working their magic – fast! Grab some time with them each week if you’re running short on time in the lead up to a hot event, these will help transform your tired, sallow skin into that of a glowing red-carpet goddess.