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Winter skincare tips and tricks, from our finest Glo’rillas.

Compared to summer, winter is the time of year where the colder weather, the dryer air and the extra layers that you wear may interfere with your skin, leaving it looking tired, dull and somewhat problematic. However, there is good news and you can save your skin during these harsh conditions. By taking various and continuous steps to combat problematic skin, you will find that your skin will be thankful that you took care of it. Here at Freya+Bailey we have gathered top tips from some of our favourite influencers to discuss how they take care of their skin during the winter, and how you can use various products to combat problematic skin problems during the darker months.

Drink water

Shannon Peerless, @shannongoesvegan says:

“Winter can really dry out your skin, so it's really important to stay as hydrated as possible by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Keeping hydrated from within helps the skin to glow and helps with elasticity, and also helps to prevent facial blemishes and cracks in the skin and lips.”

If you find you’re not drinking enough water, try Freya and Bailey’s Quench! Boost face moisturiser. With a combination blend of Sea Buckthorn and Vitamin C, its moisturiser that carefully enhances the skin’s defence against environmental stress – perfect for those dark winter days when you know that your skin will need that extra pick me up!  

@shannongoesvegan also says: “also remember how drying fake tan can be if you're chasing that sun-kissed look for the festive party season. Find a special (vegan-friendly) fake tan that is specifically for your face and moisturise religiously!"

Don’t forget about your SPF

Most people assume that just because temperatures slowly begin to drop through the winter months, the sun isn’t harmful. The truth is, you’re still at risk for sun damage, so you need to be careful when you’re out and about during the winter months.

@growingoutandup explains “I am going to be out and about with my 19 month old daughter as much as possible during this Autumn and Winter, particularly on the days the rain stays away and the sun is out shining. With hours spent walking around our local park and playground, I want to make sure I am using a foundation with an SPF to still protect against the suns harmful rays. I tend to find that the cold weather can dry out my lips and forehead/t-zone, so a thick and durable moisturiser applied twice daily is also top of my Winter skincare list!"

At Freya and Bailey, we would recommend the REBOOT! Moisturiser. Not only does this product keep the skin plumped, it also maintains moisture with its hyaluronic acid which alleviates dry skin and reduces lines and wrinkles - a product that is essential when combating dry skin.

Don’t forget about your Serums!

@freefanni tells us about her number one tip for when it comes to skincare. “My biggest tip for winter skin is of course the most boring answer. Water. There is nothing like dry skin come the winter months so I just make sure I am hydrated. I also make extra special care by washing my face with nothing too harsh and using a serum and a moisturiser.

For a bit of an extra boost, I use one of those cold face rollers to bring blood flow to my face. Worked wonders last year for my winter wedding and my face was just rosey and hydrated on the day!”

You mustn’t forget about your serum. The HAIL! Marula face serum is packed with vitamin E + Omega 9 and apricots. This serum protects the skin from micro pollution and free radicals. Adding to this, the serum can also be used as a primer to hold your make-up in place, and also allows the skin to be restored and balanced.

Remember Your Eyes!

@nutritionalnatasa says: "Having a consistent skincare routine all year round is so important to me, as it keeps my skin feeling refreshed and clear from toxins. Even more so, I make sure to always apply my moisturizer during the winter to lock in my skin’s natural moisture and avoid any dryness."

Now that your face is protected, do not forget about your eyes. Even in the winter your eyes can become dry, irritated and sore. Freya and Bailey’s WINK! Eye cream with green tea extract and vitamin B6 combats the dark circles around the eyes, the cream can be used in the morning and evening to help with the appearance of fine lines. With anti-inflammatory properties the antioxidants, the eye cream combats pollution.

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