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Anti-pollution skincare does exactly what it says on the tin: it uses specific formulas to help protect skin against everyday pollution.

There’s plenty of research out there that links toxic air with premature skin ageing, so the fact that the UK’s pollution levels are continuing to rise is worrying news for our complexions, never mind our overall wellbeing. (In fact, some parts of the country are now so cloaked in pollution that residents are being advised to  keep their windows closed and a recent report identified Oxford Street, London as the most polluted street in the world.

Some of the key culprits causing havoc on our complexions are cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes and heavy-metal emissions.  Why? Well, pollutants generate free radicals on the surface of the skin which can lead to sensitivity. In the short term, these free radicals can impact on your skin's protective barrier which leads to redness, sensitivity and inflammation, while in the longer term, these toxins lead to dullness, fine lines and a gradual decline in elasticity and 'stretch'. Think pigmentation, premature ageing and a flat, sallow complexion.

We developed our Anti-pollution skincare range for this very purpose - to protect your skin against environmental nasties and prevent the damaging effects as you live and love in the City.

We’ve got you- from deep-cleansing washes that sweep away every last particle, to serums rich in radical-neutralising vitamin C and moisturisers with a myriad of skin-boosting benefits.

Click through on our site to discover how to get your skin battle ready for all that life throws at it!

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