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If there’s one thing nearly every skincare specialist seems to agree on, it’s retinol. This vitamin A-based wonder ingredient is also known as a “cell-communicating ingredient” because it “tells” skin cells to behave like normal, healthy cells—rather than like damaged cells that render our complexions dull and uneven. So whether you’re dealing with acne and acne scarring or sun-damaged, weathered skin, there’s a good chance that a retinol-based product can help lessen these skin woes.

There’s a general misconception that all retinol ingredients are animal derived—many, many of them are so read the labels! Fortunately, thanks to innovations in beauty science, brands like Freya + Bailey  have brought out vegan retinol and vegan vitamin A products  utilising plant-based ingredients. These versions are just as potent if not more than their synthetic alternatives and are cruelty-free – Clean beauty . Clean Conscience.

Whether it's in a serum, day moisturiser or night cream, retinol can dramatically improve the condition of your skin in terms of fine lines, hyperpigmentation, acne and skin barrier resilience. Our FORTE! Collagen moisturiser is a case in point. In a recent consumer survey, users said they felt “very in control” while using as it was devoid of the intimidation of other versions tried. That’ll be our ultra hydrating formulation - enriched to minimise potential dryness and irritation. Try today and apply a layer of sunscreen on top.

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