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From anti-pollution moisturizer to the perfect brow, one of our favourite Cover girls Julie Angel Fleury shares the off-duty skincare regime that helps maintain her translucent glow. Grab a pen….

London-based Brazilian model, Julie is a regular face in all our favourite glossy magazines and the face of our current campaign alongside French model Maena Jean Marie (and c'mon it's easy to see why 💘). In between takes, on our Freya + Bailey shoot, she gives us the SKINny on how to maintain a model worthy complexion.

The night before a photoshoot: "I take my makeup off as soon as I get home with a gentle creamy cleanser and stick with my trusted regime of cleanse, tone, serum and moisturise

I’m not a big fan of exfoliators or peels the night before just in case so I leave the Cleanser on for at least a minute for a thorough cleanse without the risk of irritation. That being said, using a gentle bristle exfoliator brush has changed the game for me during my downtime, as It’s meant for sensitive skin and I find that it doesn’t stress my skin too much. Sleep is a must- I tuck in early so that my skin looks as healthy and glowy as possible.

The morning of: "Since most of the photoshoots have a super-early call time, I like to keep things minimal and wake up my skin with my super hydrating Freya + Bailey HEED! Marula Cleanser and just try to drink plenty of water.

Go-to beauty products for a casting: I like to warm up my face with a sheer powder- I’m all about keeping things natural and not overdone. I’m partial to a good base however- I ensure I’m using a hyaluronic serum and nourishing moisturiser to keep shine in check as these will enable my make-up to last longer without regular re application. That aspect of following a consistent skincare regime is something I would recommend to everyone- it’s not necessarily about applying tons of make up on casting day and hoping for the best. Put in the time- it’s worth it. I do ensure that I give good brow 😊

Any skincare maintenance tips?

Once a week before bed I’ll use an anti-pollution mask to unblock pores and hydrate my skin It’s great for prepping my skin and a valued moment in my supercharged schedule. I’m a big fan of Natural and Organic skincare – cruelty free please. I’m definitely in the serum squad- hot lights and some make up brands can dry out my skin on set so I always take the opportunity to hydrate with a serum and then top up with a moisturiser. Water is another must do for me, for the same reason, I guess. Oh, and sleep- at least 8 hours of it please! control by the day of the shoot."

How do you handle stress?

I take 1 hour a day to do something I really enjoy.  It could be Yoga, a hair or spa treatment, or meditation. I’m also a big communicator- I like having people around me to give a little inspiration and laughter!

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