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We’re in the midst of a global pandemic so it is little wonder our stress levels are on the high side, but if all that worry and anxiety is having a knock-on effect on our skin, here’s how to calm it down.


We’re all about anti-viral and anti-bacterial protection right now, so make sure your cleansing routine incorporates an anti-microbial active to protect your skin while also cleansing, balancing and calming irritated and stressed complexions.

Cleanse twice daily, massaging thoroughly to remove daily dirt, oil and pollutants. Plant-oils like Marula and Coconut have a great affinity with skin and help dissolve deep-down grime.


One of the most common issues many of us may be dealing with right now is much drier skin, be it tight feeling faces or flaking and itchy skin. Stressed skin is often dry skin. Adding deep, daily moisture will not only strengthen skin but help smooth out wrinkles. Look for serums with Hyaluronic Acid, nature’s best moisturiser which makes skin look and feel supreme.


Antioxidants are the gold-standard when it comes to protecting skin against stress and free radicals damage. We champion goodies like Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Green Tea, which not only fortify skin but also make it brighter and younger-looking.

Vitamin A rich moisturisers are also a great choice for overtired and stressed skin that’s prone to redness and needs some extra care. They will help counteract the likely breakouts and unbalanced skin caused by the current lifestyle changes.


The lack of commute may actually result in increased amount of screen time for many of us at the moment. Damaging blue light emissions from sources such as the sun, computers, smartphones, and tablets can cause major issues.

Skin regeneration happens while you sleep. Before bed, focus on ingredients which actively repair the day’s damage. Skin pillar vitamins have multiple-benefits for all skin types, working to nourish pores, reduce inflammation and boost firmness.


Skincare is self-care. Think of it as time for yourself, a mindful break in these uncertain times. The simple act of placing your hands on your body is healing. We use pure essential oils in our formulas that not only smell sublime but also help relieve mental and physical tension and stress. 


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