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Freya+Bailey Natural Skincare Shortlised For THREE Categories in The Beauty Awards 2019 with ASOS

We’re super excited to announce that we’ve been shortlisted in this year’s coveted Beauty Awards and we couldn’t have done it without you! Can we get a “Yas Queen!” 

Now we’re asking for the support of our fans, friends and families to get those all-important votes so that we can take home a trophy (or three!).

We cannot believe that less than three months after launching our natural skincare collection that we’ve been shortlisted for not one, not two, but three Beauty Awards with ASOS! Actually, scrap that, we totally can believe it (#sorrynotsorry). It seems like three is legit our magic number! Can you imagine our reaction when we heard the news from the gang over at team ASOS? It went a little something like this…

Now you’re probably wondering what all the fuss is about. “It’s only moisturisers for goodness sake!” we hear you cry, but actually we’re so much more than that and we’re going to earn your votes by sharing why below. 

We Care About Our World 

Freya+Bailey was born in Britain out of a fierce passion for natural, organic skincare. We’re an eco-conscious bunch of honest, no-nonsense skin crusaders, which means we’ve taken extra care to ensure that all of our products are cruelty-free, environmentally sound and ethically sourced, because it matters; not just to us, but to the future of our planet!

We’ve Listened To You

Our adventure began when we realised that you lovely lot were crying out for a high quality solution that not only rallies against the everyday assault of modern life on our skin, but also harnesses the power and potential of natural ingredients for advanced skincare solutions (and doesn’t require you to remortgage your home to buy them). 

We Are Natural + Organic

Every formulation works in unison with your natural biology, regardless of your age or skin type, delivering targeted solutions that battle micro-pollution, dryness and premature ageing.

We Know What Your Skin Needs + What It Doesn’t

Packed full of nothing less than quality, vegan-loving, natural ingredients, our high performing skincare collection is specially formulated with only the good stuff that your skin needs. Unlike the majority of mainstream products, our range is free from toxins, parabens, mineral oils, synthetic perfumes and artificial colours. 

Are we getting closer to earning your vote? If not, just hang on for a few more words, and let us tell you about our three products that have been shortlisted…

HEED! Marula Face Cleanser - Cleansing Champion 2019

If dry skin is dragging you down, relish in the wonder of our HEED! Cleanser. This skin-boosting beauty is enriched with marula and vitamin E - both known for their awesome ability to firm up and rejuvenate complexions. 

The natural ingredients make up 95% of the product, bringing you an ultra-concentrated formula that not only promotes collagen production and brightens skin, but also delivers a super dose of antioxidants that clears away dead skin cells, dirt and excess oils that cause breakouts. 


FORTE! Collagen Face Moisturiser - Moisturising Hero 2019

First things first, “how is this vegan if it’s collagen-based?” we hear you ponder. Well, we only use collagen derived from seaweed, not fish bone marrow. 

This luxurious skincare agent is rich, nourishing and naturally active, with over 95% of its ingredients being derived from mother nature herself, including AHA Fruit Acids. It also taps into the benefits of hyaluronic acid that makes skin smoother, brighter and plumper! Mix that with a dash of retinol and you’ve got yourself the ultimate moisturising hero (their words, now ours 😉).


RENDEZVOUS! Soufflé Body Moisturiser - New Naturally Derived Product 2019

The only rendezvous your skin needs is with our soufflé body moisturiser. An intensely hydrating and restorative cream, it will call for all of your fingers to count the number of vitamins in our body-saving-beauty. This cocktail of vitamins and fruit extracts promotes a smoother, more toned body contour with the ultimate silky-soft glow. If you’re looking for that moisture-infused, ‘melt on your skin” feel, this is your hydrating hero!


So, hopefully by now we’ve earned that valuable vote from you and you’re totally on board with backing our beautiful British vegan, anti-pollution skincare brand. But if you just needed that extra little nudge...anyone who votes for us in The Beauty Awards will be entered into a draw to win two tickets to the glamorous, star-studded event, as well as £500 worth of ASOS shopping vouchers. It’s a win-win we think! 

Happy voting! #TheBeautyAwards2019

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