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Comfort in my Skin

Transformational Life Coach Sarah Walker, tells us about her journey to finding her authentic self and how renouncing perfectionism gave her ultimate life balance and comfort in her own skin.

From the time I was a little girl, I was driven to what, I couldn’t really explain but I knew I was going somewhere, with goals and aspirations that would somehow get me there – wherever ‘there’ was. You could say I was an interesting mix, all cleverness and yearning but deep down, slightly insecure and seeking affirmation. That juxtaposition continued into adulthood.

I did achieve a high flying international career in marketing, a single gal pad in London that Carrie Bradshaw would be proud of and all the jet set business travel a girl could ask for (though more often than not, I didn’t!!!) The thing is, I wasn’t fulfilled, not really. The pressure was constantly on to deliver, to be Superwomen and to develop a steely persona, one that showed I had it all ‘handled’, even though deep down there was this continued unease that maybe, just maybe I didn’t.

Looking back at that time, I can imagine how isolating that perspective was. I was actually a people’s person at heart but my perfectionism was getting in the way of being able to reach out and connect with myself and others. I’m honest enough to acknowledge my expectations were high, for myself and those I worked with and I was proud of having ‘it all’.

In my early forties something happened.  My body protested against the baggage I’d been carrying around with me and my back quite simply went on strike! We’re talking nigh on immobilisation; months of physical rehabilitation and you know what? It was the making of me. Don’t get me wrong, those times were some of the toughest I’d experienced - the uncertain future, career on pause and finances on strain, but it gave me time to think.  You could say that while my body sort of stopped, my mind stepped from passenger to driver. I questioned everything and for the first time, got real, reconnected with my true essence and acknowledged I had been living a life misaligned with my inner values. It was a revelation and a relief and so I did something that I sometimes still can’t believe- I stepped away from the rat race and connected with me.

Training as a Transformational Life Coach as well as travelling and living in India really helped me re-imagine my world. I now help others and it’s incredibly rewarding so yes you could say I finally got comfortable in my skin.  I learned that without inner peace, authenticity is fleeting. Consequently, I meditate daily and do my best to live where peace is found—in the present moment.

I also take time out to nurture my spirit, whether that means yoga, meditation or simply relaxing. In order to be comfortable with yourself, you first need to be comfortable just being.  I also celebrate my body and being well every day and I am definitely kinder to myself, to others and skincare is certainly a part of that self-nurturing regime.

I’m big on hydration and protection, applying SPF daily on top of my natural ingredient moisturiser and I cleanse religiously twice daily. As a Life Coach, travelling to connect with others is part and parcel so I’m conscious to protect myself against pollutants and other environmental aggressors via my regime.  What you put in your body is so important too– even more so as you get older, I think.

So that’s where I am today, appreciating every moment, connecting with others and taking ownership of my own happiness.  You could say I’m still Superwoman.  Just these days on my own gentler, more forgiving terms.😊

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