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Dry body brushing sloughs off dry skin and slays cellulite. What are you waiting for?

Like flossing, taking those expensive supplements or drinking hot water with lemon, dry body brushing is the kind of thing most of us begin with good intentions. You know,  one of those things you know you should be doing daily, but probably don’t. Do you have a dusty body brush discarded in the back of a cupboard somewhere? You’re not alone.

The thing is body brushing is probably one of the least rated beauty habits ever, yet its also one of those incredibly simple things that bring huge benefits. If you have been relying on body lotions aimed at banishing cellulite , we’re gonna have to rip the bandage off right here right now. They might help smooth the skin over it, or improve the tone, but they alone will not rid you of the dreaded  dimples as the problem lies much deeper, deeper than creams can reach. They can scale, but never conquer.

We’re all for embracing who you are warts and all but advocate a” best version of you” swagger. So if you aren’t a fan of your dimpled thighs, there is another beauty tool you can turn to in the quest for orange-peel-free skin: the dry body brush.

Dry brushing is the juice cleanse of the beauty world. A regular dry scrub using a brush over the thighs and bum offers remarkable results, and takes only minutes to do.  Win. Win. Oh and did we mention the benefits? Think Unclogging pores, helping your body metabolise toxins, discouraging fluid retention and cellulite. All this could be yours my friends.

As we grow older, our skin becomes less efficient at shedding layers of dead skin cells but dry body brushing is fantastic at exfoliating these dead skin cells away. Regular exfoliation primes your skin to absorb the ingredients from body creams and serums much more effectively, which means you get a lot more bang for your buck in the long-run. You like?

 So what’s the best way to do it? It’s best before hopping into the bath or shower, the process only takes a couple of minutes. And - in case you've skipped straight down to this bit - your skin must be DRY.

Start at the feet in the direction of your heart then continue working over the entire body, applying a good pressure to the brush as you stroke upwards to really aid that important circulation process. ‘Quick flicks’ rather than long slow, strokes are key. As well as your limbs, don’t forget the torso and legs too.  Adieu orange peel pins.

Choosing the right brush is an important aspect-  we recommend a non animal derived bristle head such as our DETHRONE! Stimulating brush with its large circular top and long handle for top to toe motion. Its firm (non skin tearing)  bristles give your skin a thorough exfoliation while the pressure helps to stimulate your circulation and help the body eliminate toxins. So there you have it, your new morning ritual: Brush your hair, brush your bod.

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