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Tea tree oil may be the hardest working essential oil in town

Tea tree- we're calling it the James Brown of essential oils- the hardest working cool cat in town.

We know it  may bring to mind one of those hippie-dippie alternative skincare treatments that surely can’t be as effective as tried-and-true ingredients like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, right?  Wrong. We’re spilling tea.

Long heralded for its acne busting properties, tea tree oil is a natural remedy mainstay for a reason- because it works! Made from the leaves of the Australian tea tree, its powerful antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties are highly effective skin purification solutions that not only prevent breakouts

For those battling tantrum skin- temperamental and somewhat diva- it’s a wonder ingredient as it helps supercharge your overall skin health without irritating the hell out of your face. But tea tree oil isn't magical for all — those with hyper sensitive skin may react poorly to the ingredient in all forms (tea tree is used across a wide range of cosmetics including shampoos and deoderant).

 We love it in our PROTECT! Hyaluronic moisturiser and CONTROL! Clarifying serum as an acne-fighter and skin rejuvenator that’s actually quite excellent.

If you’re looking to target blemishes choose a leave-on formula like these that can work their magic over time and help to clear out pimple causing bacteria and reduces inflammation. Tea tree, stay on the scene, like a (skin) love machine.

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